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Yllana embodies creativity. Founded in 1991, the Company has grown and evolved over the years until it can today cover all facets of the wide world of entertainment. Whether it’s a new hit show playing to packed houses full of loyal fans at their Madrid theatre the Teatro Alfil; a touring company thrilling audiences with one of their classic shows at a major arts center in a cultural capital; or a one night industrial show wowing Volkswagen executives at their 50th anniversary — Yllana has it all covered.

Yllana is first and foremost an artists’ collective dedicated to the production, distribution and promotion of unique theatrical events. Its ethos is centered in mime and physical humor, that most universal form of expressing the human comedy that forms the essence and core of the theatrical experience. By dispensing with dialogue to reach the heart of Theatre, Yllana has been able to thrill and amuse audiences across the world. After 25 successful years of existence, Yllana is now a consolidated Company in the arts sector, yet unique in that it is still totally run by the Artists. It is not a Company that employs Artists to further its commercial ends, but rather a collective of Artists that employs a Company to bring their (and fellow artists’) work to many audiences worldwide. That is why Yllana still embodies creativity.

Yllana was born in 1991 as a physical comedy theatre company. Through gestures, sounds and genuine slapstick, Yllana creates its work out of the most common situations of everyday life, combining huge energy with wit and risk.

It exploits an irreverent sense of humor, ironic and interactive, producing the most spontaneous of laughs in the audience. Yllana finds in the onomatopoeic sounds and in gesture its natural form of expression, thus creating a surreal and delirious world where anything can happen.

From the first encounter of Yllana with the stage, it has produced thirty shows: ¡Muu! (1991), Glub, Glub (1994), 666 (1998), Hipo (1999), Rock and Clown (2000), Spingo (2001), Splash! (2002), Star Trip (2003), Los Mejores Sketches de Monty Python (2004), Olimplaff (2004), La Cantante Calva (2005), Buuu! (2006), PaGAGnini (2007), Musicall (2007), Brokers (2008), Zoo (2009), Sensormen (2010), ¡Muu! 2 (2011), The Hole (2011), Action Man (2012), Far West (2012), Monty Python, Los Mejores Sketches (2013), Sinfònic Ara (2014), The Gagfather (2014), Chefs (2015), Lo Mejor de Yllana (2016), The Primitals (2016), The Opera Locos (2018), Ben-Hur (2018) and Gag Movie (2018). These productions have been presented in more than 40 countries to over 3 million spectators.

The universal understanding of Yllana’s physical humor has allowed them to travel across the world to: Portugal, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, Singapore, Canada, Mozambique, Brazil, Denmark, Argentina, Georgia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Japan, China, Israel, Senegal, Andorra, Korea, United States and Norway.

The productions have formed part of some of the most prestigious theatre festivals such as The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The International Theatre Festival in Istanbul (Turkey), Juste Pour Rire Festival in Montreal (Canada), Ete de Quebec festival (Canada), Arts Festival in Singapore, Festival de Manizales (Colombia), European Theatre Festival of Grenoble (France), Mime Festival of Perigeux (France), and theatre seasons in Madrid (24 months with 666), Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Lola Membrives Theatre (Buenos Aires), Riverside Studios (London), Vitoria Theatre (Roma) and La Cigalle (París).

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  • Best Musical Show Max Award. The Opera Locos. 2019.
  • Key to the City of Caracas. The Primitals. 2017.
  • Escena Award for Yllana´s career at the 39th “Lazarillo“, Contemporary Theater International Festival (FITC). Manzanares (Ciudad Real). 2013.
  • Best Musical Show Max Award. Avenue Q. 2012.
  • Trovador Award for Yllana´s career at the 19th Castillo Alcañiz Festival. 2012.
  • Audience Favorite Award at the International Theater Festival in Ribadavia,  Orense (Spain). Zoo.  2010.
  • Best Children´s Performance  MAX AWARDS. ZOO . 2010.
  • Audience Favorite Award at the Theater Festival. Chiclana, Cádiz (Spain). Brokers. 2009.
  • Best Musical Show Award.  Teatro Rojas, Toledo (Spain). Pagagnini. 2009.
  • Award to the Outstanding Unique Theatrical Event at the New York International Fringe Festival. New York (USA). 666. 2009.
  • Moerser Comedy Prize at the International Comedy Arts Festival. Moers (Germany). Pagagnini. 2009.
  • Audience Favorite Award. 11ª Santa Eugènia Theater Festival. Santa Eugènia (Spain) Brokers. 2009.
  • Audience Favorite Award at the International Street Theater Festival in Badajoz (Spain). Brokers. 2008.
  • Audience Favorite Award at the International Fall Theatre Festival (FIOT) in Carballo (Spain). Brokers. 2008.
  • Audience Favorite Award at the Theater Festival. Chiclana (Spain). Pagagnini. 2008.
  • “Antero Guardia” Theater National Award. Úbeda (Spain). YLLANA.2008.
  • Award to the Best Show at The Fringe (out of over 1,300 shows), Edinburgh (United Kingdom). Pagagnini. 2008.
  • Career´s Recognition Award. Alfaro’s Theater Festival. Alfaro (Spain). YLLANA. 2008.
  • Audience Favorite Award at the Theater Festival in Chiclana (Spain). Olimplaff. 2007.
  • Best show in festival at the Theater Festival in Fundao (Portugal). Olimplaff. 2006.
  • Special Moerser Comedy Award to the Company for its creativity in the field at the International Comedy Festival in Moers (Germany). YLLANA. 2005.
  • Theater Initiative Award. “Telón de Chivas” Performing Arts Awards. Spain. YLLANA.  2004.
  • Public Award. Autumn International Theater Festival (FIOT). Carballo (Spain). Star Trip. 2004.
  • Best Theatrical Idea and Creativity Special Award. International Comedy Festival. Casablanca (Morocco). YLLANA.  2004.
  • Best in Festival Award, plus a Special Award for Theatrical Creativity and Originality in the International Laughter Festival. Casablanca (Morocco). Splash. 2004.
  • Audience Favorite Award at the International Fall Theatre Festival (FIOT) in Carballo (Spain). Rock & Clown . 2001.
  • Audience Favorite Award at the International Fall Theatre Festival (FIOT) in Carballo (Spain). Glub Glub. 1997.
  • 2nd Prize United Slapstick at the European Comedy Festival in Frankfurt (Germany). Glub-Glub. 1995.
  • “Courge D’Or” (Best in festival) Award at the International Theater Festival in Toulouse (France). MUU. 1995.
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"Pagagnini no es un espectáculo para que te guste, es un espectáculo para amarlo"
"Pagagnini is not a show to like, is a show to love"

The Gazette, Montreal