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The New York Times. Nueva York

“…their studied imperfection always serves the cause of comedy and even that of classical music. By encouraging their young audiences to laugh, they also lead them to listen …”

Laurel Graeber

The Gazette, Montreal

“Pagagnini is not a show to like, it is a show to love”

Pat Donnelly

Three Weeks Daily, Edinburgh

“[...]This is incredibly slick and impossibly funny [...] Whoever said classical music was boring?”

The editors’ awards winner (Fringe Festival).

Rhiannon Smith

The Herald, Edinburgh

“Pagagnini is a hilarious piece of musical satire, providing a fresh take on a typical performance given by a classical string quartet (…)pagagnini is a highly amusing show, appealing to an audience of all ages and backgrounds”

Miranda Heggie

The List, Edinburgh

“Flawless choreography means the show runs like a swiss watch”

Claire Sawers

El País, Spain

“A hilarious parody of a classical recital, putting all crowds into a jubilant aproar”

Belén Ginart

ABC, Spain

“A fascinating show that exites crowds and provokes end-less cheering and laughter. This is pure theatre”

Julio Martínez Velasco

La Razón, Spain

“An unforgettable show, extremely funny and very clever”

Miguel Ayaz

El Peródico de Cataluña, Spain

“This quartet amazes us with their ability of combining an outstanding performance with humour, full of well thought out gags”

César López Rosell

La Vanguardia, Spain

“An overwhelming show, a brilliant racket yet very well executed. A spectacle of high voltage humour and extremely contagious”

Joan-Anton Benach

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"Pagagnini no es un espectáculo para que te guste, es un espectáculo para amarlo"
"Pagagnini is not a show to like, is a show to love"

The Gazette, Montreal