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Thomas Potiron – Violin

Born in Nantes, France, in 1981.

Began playing the violin at 4 years of age. Two years later, began studying at the Nantes Conservatory. In 1997, he continued his training at the Bordeaux Conservatory, where he won the first prize in violin in 1999, and the honour prize the year after. In 2001, he started at the Paris Superior Conservatory, where he won the first prize in violin the following year. At the same time, he often acted in the famous Parisian cabaret “Rasputin”, playing music from Eastern Europe, and was invited each year as a soloist to the classical music festival “Le Coeur en Musique”.

In 2003, he began to teach violin classes at the Nantes Conservatory.

In 2005, he managed to become a titular violinist in the prestigious Madrid Symphonic Orchestra. He worked with masters such as Jesús Lopez Cobos and Plácido Domingo, taking part in great productions in the genre of opera. After two years of experience in the Royal Theatre, he decided to have a change of scenery.

In 2007, he became part of the successful show “Pagagnini”, created by the Yllana theatre company, at the side of violinist Ara Malikian. A year later, they achieved the prize for best show at the Edinburgh “FRINGE” festival.

At the same time, he continued to develop his versatile side, playing music of all different styles, such as Argentinian tango, Gypsy music, jazz, and above all, flamenco. He worked with artists and companies such as Farruquito, Antonio Rey, Antonio Canales, Jose Mercé, Jose Manuel Zapata, Pasión Vega, Fernando Egozcue, Rafael Amargo, Guadiana, Spanish National Ballet, Rojas and Rodriguez, Jesús Carmona, Juan Parrila, etc.

He also shared a stage with Estrella Morente, Miguel Poveda, Arcángel, Marta Sanchez and India Martínez. With all of them, he performed in national theatres such as the Royal Theatre in Madrid, The Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Maestranza and the Lope de Vega in Seville, the Palau de las Arts in Valencia, in a variety of rooms such as Café Central, Sala Clamores, Café Berlin, and “tablaos” such as Casa Patas, Corral de la Morería, and Villa Rosa. He has also played in theatres around the world in London, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, Lisbon, Mexico city, Montreal, China, South Korea, the U.S.A. Finland, etc.

He took part in the recording of discs by Lolita, Extremo Duro, Antonio Rey, Jose Manuel Zapata, Makarines, etc. and as a soloist on several musical soundtracks for the cinema. It is worth noting his participation in the new project by singer and bass guitarist Richard Bona – “Flamenco Proyect”, and the latest show by Farruquito “Pinacenda”.

In 2016 he comes back to Pagagnini, in Ara´s Malikian role.

Eduardo Ortega – Violin

Eduardo comes from Madrid. He started playing the violin at a very young age, thanks to the influence of his mother, as a violinist in the Sinfónica de Madrid (Madrid Symphony Orchestra). He has studied with masters, such as Polina Kotliarskay, Vartan Manoogian, Lian Chai, Mikhail Milman, Joaquín Clerch, Agustí Coma and Sergio Castro.

He has been a violin teacher at the Conservatorio de Madrid (Madrid Conservatory), and although he was classically-trained, in his career as a musician, he’s explored diverse paths. Besides the violin, he plays: the guitar, the drums, the bass, the mandolin, the piano, the harmonica… and he sings on in his tracks.

In 1999, he and his band, Zona Tsunami (Tsunami Zone), won 3 awards at the Festival Villa Rock de Madrid (Rocktown Madrid). Among the awards, he won Best Performer from Madrid for that year, awarded by the AIE. He’s worked often with artists from across the Spanish pop-rock spectrum, such as Enrique Urquijo, Quique González, Dover, Hevia, M-Clan, Coti, Miguel Bosé, María Pagés, Clara Montes, Olga Pericet, Manuel Liñán, Rocío Molina, Carlos Baute, Ismael Serrano, Lolita, Tindersticks, La musicalité…

He’s also taken part in movie soundtracks for “Hable con ella” (Talk to Her) by Almodóvar, “Cosas que hacen que la vida valga la pena” (Things That Make Life Worth Living), with Pasión Vega, “Iberia”, by Carlos Saura and “Non Ti Muovere” (Don’t Move) with music by Lucio Godoy.

He also took part in the jazz-quintet headed by Baldo Martínez, master of the double-bass and one of the most important voices in European Jazz. His most recent project, other than PaGAGnini, is the band NUR, which is about to put out a new disc.

Fernando Clemente – Violin

Fernando Clemente was trained in classical music at the Conservatorio de Sevilla (Seville Conservatory), augmented his skills under the wings of masters such as David López de Prados and Eduardo Ortega; he’s also got performance training, directed by Maria José Acosta and developed with companies from Seville such as La Caída del Cuerno (The Fall of the Horn); and he has a degree as an audiovisual technician.

As a musician, he played a diverse range of very different styles, from world-music, through folk (Rarefolk) and techno, up to Jazz-Flamenco (Biriliquitiqui) and Jazz, in which he is currently doing his work with the band Tres Menos Quartet (Three Minus Quartet).

In his work as a composer, he’s composed the music for various dance shows for the choreographers Amaury Lebrun and Ainhoa Sarmiento; and in terms of audiovisual work, he’s composed soundtracks for various film-short and other formats with the band Sogecable.

Besides all of this, Fernando has always combined his life as a multi-disciplinary artist with his job as a stage-manager for the Opera at the Teatro de la Maestranza de Sevilla (Seville Master’s Theater), as a producer with Otel.lo (Elsinor) and at the Teatro Real de Madrid (Madrid Royal Theater), where he has worked with the biggest-name singers in Classical music, such as Robert Lepage, Mstislav Rostropovich and Plácido.

He joined Pagagnini in 2008.

@ferclmnt | fer.clmnt

Gueorgui Fournadjiev- Violonchelo

He was born in Sofia (Bulgaria). In 1981 he moves to San Sebastián (Spain) where he starts studying the violoncello, following his father´s steps.

In 1998 he finishes his musical studies at the San Lorenzo de El Escorial Conservatory in Madrid and later he joins the Madrid Symphonic Orchestra and starts performing all over Spain including the Teatro Real.

He combines his work at the orchestra with works with other artists, such as a tour in Japan with the famous dancer María Pagés in 2006.

From January 2014 he also performs with Pagagnini.

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"Pagagnini no es un espectáculo para que te guste, es un espectáculo para amarlo"
"Pagagnini is not a show to like, is a show to love"

The Gazette, Montreal