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We welcome to Isaac M. Pulet

Isaac will replace the violinist Fernando Clemente for a while, for health reasons.

Isaac is a wonderful professional musician with quite a long career in the field of classical music.

Specialized in baroque violin at the Conservatory of Madrid he has always been a fan of Spanish ancient music. His interest in this field grows with the medieval music group Ars Combinatoria.  He is founder of the group Opera Omnia. He discovers with them some pieces of the 17 and 18th Century that had been abounded in old Spanish churches.

He took part is theatrical shows with the Classical Theatre National Company.

Isaac has always been part in a way of Pagagnini since he was Eduardo Ortega’s cover. But starting from now he will play Fernando´s role (we wish him to get well soon!). We are pretty sure that the audience will fall in love with him!

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"Pagagnini no es un espectáculo para que te guste, es un espectáculo para amarlo"
"Pagagnini is not a show to like, is a show to love"

The Gazette, Montreal