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  • Periodicos-web-pagagnini The German press surrenders to PaGAGnini

    The German press surrenders to PaGAGnini's run in Berlin. This is what they said: "You don’t need to love or understand classical music, because they perfectly know how to cast a spell over the spectator from the very first moment and to keep fascinating him until the end in a wonderful ...

Fernando Clemente en Pagagnini

The violinist Fernando Clemente has already returned to Pagagnini, after being out due health problems, of which he is fully recovered from. Isaac M.Pulet was his substitute during his time off, with whom we’ll continue counting as Pagagnini’s cover. We are really happy with Fernando’s return to the stage. We are completely sure he will continue thrilling the audience in every show!

Thomas Potiron

We welcome Thomas Potiron in Ara´s Malikian role in Pagagnini. Ara Malikian will take a break due to the multiple projects in which he is involved. To substitute him, what better than Thomas Potiron, who was one of the original members of Pagagnini!! Thomas is an exceptional violinist, with an special sensitivity and incredible technical virtuosismo. We have no doubts that he will match up his predecesor´s success!!


After seeing Pagagnini live many people decide to write about the show. The Internet bustles with comments and opinions about Pagagnini: Digital magazines, cultural calendars, bloggers…They are all flooding the net. Do you want to know what people say after enjoying Pagagnini show at the Caser Calderon Theatre in Madrid? Here we give you some examples (In Spanish). And after reading all this, what are you waiting for to go to see the show? (Please click on each of the logos to go to its website)


We want to know your opinion about Pagagnini. If you have some comments, suggestions, questions, etc… this is the right place to write it all!

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"Pagagnini no es un espectáculo para que te guste, es un espectáculo para amarlo"
"Pagagnini is not a show to like, is a show to love"

The Gazette, Montreal